What Does An Air Filter Do & Why Do You Need Them?

Air Filters
Air filters are not just machines for purifying the air in homes for germ phobic people. They are actually essential to your car functioning properly.

Even those who don’t take a keen interest in the inner working of their car and know little about them might recall being told that it is important to change your car’s air filter regularly.

This is because it will help your car’s performance, make it run more efficiently and therefore save you a bit of money.

Air filters keep your engine clean and free of debris. This aids the engine to function optimally and means better gas mileage.

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An air filter is an essential part of the fuel supply system in your car. Without an air filter, the fuel system would quickly become filled with insects, leaves, and other debris, in addition to the same fine particles that can obstruct human lungs. The clogged system would be unable to function.

The paper air filter is the most common air filter in cars you will come across for personal use. These are cheap and installation is fairly straight forward. Before paper air filters we used oil bath filters, but these functioned by restricting air flow, causing particles to settle in a pool of oil. You may still encounter this type of air filter but mainly in antique cars. The foam air filter is more expensive than a paper one but much better at filtering dust, therefore if you drive in dusty, dirty conditions regularly you will want to opt for a foam filter. They are perfect for farm equipment. Cotton filters are a kind of filter that can be washed and reused rather than replaced.

For maximum performance and gas mileage, the air filter should be changed or cleaned at least once a year. This suggested time interval varies depending on how many miles are driven yearly and the type of environment one typically drives and parks in. Cars that are driven on dusty dirt roads and in rural wooded areas need to have the filter changed more frequently.

When purchasing a new air filter for your engine do not become confused with a cabin filter as this is only for filtering the air inside the passenger area not the engine.