Cable Connectors

Cable Connectors

It is imperative that industrial Rectangular Connectors and Circular Connectors are used in the utmost secure manner to be able to withstand water, dust, mechanical stress and vibration.

With cable technologies, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. It is very important to use the appropriate cable connector to fit the application. Each individual cable connector has a unique property that is synonymous with its application.

The range includes circular connectors, pin & socket connectors, rectangular connectors, Ethernet connectors, solar connectors and thermocouple connectors. 

These solid and secure cable connectors will connect all varieties of cables and cable technologies to enable you to safely and successfully achieve your cabling goal. Cable connectors are systems of inserts, contacts and housings that come together to give a truly high level of cable technology.

Cable connectors are used in crimp terminals and heavy duty power connections and are applicable to a wide variety of industries such as;

·    energy and information exchange
·    mechanical engineering
·    printing machines
·    machine and equipment manufacturing
·    plant engineering
·    light and sound technology
·    control engineering
·    Ethernet technologies