DC Motor Guide - A guide to DC Motor Related Services

If you wish to run an efficient DC Drive System, then you will need the best DC Motor, gearbox and drive shaft for the job. But how do you know where to look to begin with? Why not start with a guide to DC Motors? Why not start with DC Motor Guide?

DC Motor Guide is a beginners guide to DC motors for those wishing to invest in DC Motors. It has a list of applications for which DC Motors are used for, types of applications, a glossary of terms, as well as information on Drive Systems themselves.

If you're new to using DC Drive Systems, this site can point you in the right direction of suppliers, manufacturers and designers who can help make your application dream a reality.

But the most important area is the description of the types of motor. This section of the site will guide you through the motor buying process, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of motors, as well as a basic guide to how they work.

All in all, this is a great introduction to DC Motors. For those of you either with a keen interest in DC Motors or building effective drive systems, it's well worth checking out.