Cost, Time, Quality, and the Balance in Civil Engineering North Wales

Cost, Time, and Quality are interesting concepts. In Construction and Civil Engineering North Wales, as well as most other industries where something is created, the three concepts (of course) are something to strive for, but difficult to piece together in a trinity.

Typically, should a company decide to have high quality and low cost, time is what suffers. Projects often run far beyond time due to a fixation on high quality and low cost, but should a company instead decide to focus on high quality and speed, a project can often go far beyond budget.

Clients both in public and private sectors tend to allow construction companies in North Wales and beyond a list of defined objectives for the project at hand in order to ascertain what level of quality is available to them. This list should include details such as the funding which is available to the client and the construction company, as well as the schedule to work to. Existing corporate policies such as environmental policies must be observed.

Additional factors such as the key requirements of the business (what the building or structure is intended to be used for and any deviation from this) as well as the key requirements of stakeholders involved in the structure and/or the building are also important. To prevent setbacks, the views of external parties such as the local planning authority, as well as local and national legislation is helpful. Should the client publicly consult on this particular project, the views of focus groups as well as the communities at large is required.

Quality is something, as we surmised earlier, which is a product of time and cost, and therefore the briefing documents will allow a construction company in North Wales or beyond to define, prioritise, and measure the standards of quality which apply to a particular project. A client will therefore use this stage to liaise with multiple companies in order to ascertain what can be delivered in terms of realism for their budget.