Enviro Analytical Instruments – Innovations in Surface Analysis

The barriers of standard XPS systems have been well and truly broken with the advent of the EnviroESCA – an invention by Enviro Analytical Instruments (EnviroAI) , a subsidiary company of the very respected SPECs. EnviroESCA is a smart analysis tool which overcomes all limitations associated with XPS systems by analysing materials at pressures which are far beyond Ultra High Vacuum.

The EnviroESCA system is designed for high thorough put analysis, and therefore a wealth of materials previously thought un-testable are opened up. The applications of the EnviroESCA in sciences such as medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences is vast – and the EnviroESCA system is the only way of which materials relevant to these industries can be tested – opening up very many new research possibilities with materials previously thought not UHV compatible.

XPS is a process which involves quite a stringent UHV requirement, and the EnviroESCA dispenses it with dedicated sample environment modules. These are categorised in the system as smart units, holding, and testing, very many different types of samples, be them solid, liquid or gas, entirely separate from each other in their own designated environment.

Also of note in the EnviroESCA is the unit’s speed. This system offers the shortest loading to measurement time of any XPS product on, or off the market – as well as the ability to load the system with multiple samples. The exchange of samples can be performed in a matter of minutes as well – eliminating the time consuming aspect of XPS.

The EnviroESCA is supplied to the UK by Scanwel – a company which, among its excellent reputation for custom fabrications, distributes products from revolutionary and innovative worldwide companies such as SPECs and Enviro Analytical Instruments.

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