Fracmo - Brushless DC motors, Fractional DC motors, Gearbox design and Electric DC Geared motors

Fracmo’s origins go back to 1932 when it was set up to manufacture small low voltage electric motors for the domestic appliance market.
Today, Fracmo supply and specialise in DC electric motors and gearboxes, gear motors from 0.04 to 0.750 KW output and gear design. These gearboxes are used in many appliances, including various mobility, recreations and leisure and light industrial.
These range from powered wheelchairs, hoists, and access ramps in the healthcare market, to autopilot drives, electric winches and pumps in the marine industry. Fracmo motors power heavy-duty machinery such as hydraulic systems and also delicate equipment such as laboratory test rigs.
DC drive systems are used to regulate speed, torque, voltage and current conditions of the DC motor/DC electric motor – including the brushless DC motors. Fracmo’s latest engineering team uses the modern design software to match your needs with the right drive solution.