-->Denis Ferranti is a major electronics manufacturer based in Bangor, North Wales.

They manufacture both PTH and SMT PCB assembly and have completed many projects for a wide range of clients in very challenging sectors, such as security, aerospace, petrochemical and defence.
They have special expertise in electronic modules for: CCTV Systems, Fire Safety Systems, Power Supply Monitoring, Access Control Devices, Gas Detection Equipment and Cash Handling.
PTH assembly solutions and SMT PCB assembly

SMT PCB Assembly

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly cards are populated on modern automated lines with the capacity to place components from 0402 to 52 mm sq.

PTH PCB Assembly

PTH (Plated Through Hole) PCB Assembly cards are populated by hand or automatically for axial, radial & integrated circuit components. Cards are wave soldered or combined with reflow or hand soldering.

Panel sizes up to 500mm x 250mm can be accommodated.

Full ATE facilities include AOI, optical, X-Ray inspection, flying probe & pin bed testing. Tailored functionality testing can also be undertaken.

Tin Lead (SnPb) and "lead free" soldering are available.

ROHS Compliant systems.

One off prototyping is not a problem.

Denis Ferranti Electronics is able to offer "Box Build Assembly" services through to complete manufacture for electronic and electromechanical products for all their electronic clients.