Outsourced Assembly & Test

Denis Ferranti subcontract assembly & Test have over 50 years experience in assembly & test services to world wide industries covering electronic, electromechanical, engineering and mechanical products.

Denis Ferranti can accommodate a ‘Product Build’ services for all types of industries that choose to focus their resources on other areas such as product design, specifications and marketing. They have a highly trained specialised work force that can accommodate their clients requirements every step of the way and ensure that they are getting good value for money.

They will methodically cover and agree all areas of the assembly & test of their “make to print” product including:

•    Control of drawing packages
•    Material sourcing and inspection procedures
•    Comprehensive documentation of all procedures
•    Design, production and maintenance of specialized fixtures and testing equipment
•    Quality and traceability procedures
•    Product logistics and service levels
•    Warranty protocols
•    Use of  robotic / automated assembly equipment
•    Training & Environmental issues

Their team can also assist clients with ‘design for manufacture’ input at the early stages and throughout the product life.

They have buying offices in Europe and the Far East and global strategic relationships with key supplies.  All supply partners are subject to thorough regular audits and thorough qualification checks.