Precision Machining

Precision Machining also referred to as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a manufacturing machine that has pre-programmed CAD/CAM commands encoded on a storage medium, it is an efficient way of producing thousands of machine tools continuously in one day as opposed to the machines being manually controlled by levers or hand wheels.

Denis Ferranti has over 50 year’s experience of high precision CNC machining & precision engineering in many demanding industry sectors.

They have specialised experience in areas of defence, petrochemical, aerospace & engine componentry.  Their highly trained workforces are able to offer solutions for both new components and ‘make to print’ precision machining for existing components.

Denis Ferranti are capable of producing a broad range of high tolerance machined components such as:

Turning:  6mm - 550mm diameter
Horizontal Milling:  800mm x 800 work piece
Vertical Machining:  1500mm x 800mm work piece

Their in house manufacturing team are also able to assist in:
•    Design new components & assemblies. We utilise Solid Edge; Femap Express & KISSsoft   software.
•    Produce Rapid Prototypes
•    Reverse Engineer existing items
•    Value Engineer existing items