CY Cables

CY cables are instrumentation cables, like the SY and YY cables. They are used to interconnect for the purpose of measuring, controlling and regulating in control equipment for production and assembly lines, as well as conveyor systems and computer units. The CY cables are used in environments when interference-free transmission is required.

CY cables are multi-core flex, tinned copper wired braided and have a PETP separator. All of these elements of the component work together, to help protect the cable from external electromagnetic influences and mechanical stress.

CY cables are most suited to both fixed installations and flexible use when temporarily moved around. These cables increase their range of different uses for a range of surroundings as they can work both outdoors and in doors when protected and operate effectively in both dry and moist places. A CY cable has a high durability capability when used in conditions under medium mechanical stress.

The cables are covered in a grey PVC sheath with stranded class 5 copper conductors and the cable insulation is also made out of PVC.

Other names for the CY Cable include; CY Control Cable, Screened Flexible Cable and EMC Cable.

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