SY Cables

SY Cables are another type of interconnecting cables, the same as YY and CY cables. The cables are usually used as an interconnector cable for controlling, measuring and regulating control equipment for assembly lines and construction lines. They are also used for conveyor belt systems and computer unit operations. SY cables are suitable for both fixed and flexible installations that feature a degree of light mechanical stress.

These cables can also be used in either indoor or outdoor environments when protected and are very efficient when used in conditions ranging from dry to moist areas. The galvanized steel braid helps to ensure that this cable is extremely strong and the strongest cable of the three control cables. This cable offers reliable mechanical protection.

SY cables have a transparent sheath and the class 5 flexible annealed plain copper conductors are insulated by PVC.

Other names for the SY Cable include; SY Control Cable, SY Flex Cable, Shielded Flex and Steel Wire Braided Cable.