YY Cables

YY Cables are multi-core PVC cables, used for wide range use applications. They are designed with purpose to interconnect with signal and control equipment in order to measure control or regulation. These YY Cables are often used in the construction and building industry, automation industry, as well as rail/transport networks and process control systems.

YY cables will continue to work effectively even when light mechanical stress is applied, and is suited to the majority of environments. The cable is very versatile and is able to be used outdoors when protection is applied.

YY Cables work very well with light mechanical stress, and are suited to most environmental conditions. When protected, it can be used in both dry and moist conditions. YY cables are constructed with a grey PVC outer sheath and flexible copper. YY cables are not recommended to be used if they are in an environment whereby they could be subject to repetitive twisting or flexing.

A couple of examples of quality YY Cables are the OLFLEX Classic 100 and the OLFLEX Classic 110.
OLFLEX Classic 100 colour coded range of YY Cables are used as control, signal and power cables in a wide range of applications including man chine tool engineering, plant installations, car production lines, bottling plants and other automated production facilities. It is a highly flexible cable that ensures easy installation. The external sheathing is extremely tough and able to withstand the effects of many acids, caustic solutions and various oils.

OLFLEX Classic 110 number coded range of YY Cables are similar to the colour coded range so are also ideally suited for use as control, signal and power cables and is used in similar applications.

Other names for YY Cables include: YY Control Cable, Unshielded Control Cable, Unscreened Cable and Flexible Cable.