Hose Couplings

Hose couplings are used when connecting (or coupling) two hoses together, or to connect a hose to a tap or to an appliance. Hose couplings are typically made from steel, brass, aluminum or plastic.

There are many different types of hose couplings. One example is the Air King universal air house coupling, which is made from malleable iron and usually found on pneumatic tools such as jackhammers.

Another type of hose coupling is the Cam and groove, which is a quick connect fluid transfer hose coupling. These couplings are usually found in petroleum of chemical applications.

On of the most successful hose couplings is the Hozelock, which is a plastic, click-on style push fit hose end connector. This type of hose coupling came around in the 1950s and was developed to replace metal hose end connectors in coal mines (the metal hose couplings could cause sparks, creating the possibility of a methane gas explosion). The plastic house couplings are now used universally by gardeners all around the world with the simple garden hose.