Industrial Connectors

Industrial Connectors for cables are the solution in applications where reliability, durability and flexibility are important. Cable connectors help connect different types of cable to different appliances and devices. There are a range of cable connectors; including rectangular, circular and pin and sleeve styles. Connector enclosures provide a range of environmental protection.

Rectangular connectors offer a system of housing, inserts and contacts that come together, forming robust and secure solutions that are easy to assemble. Examples of rectangular connectors include for EPIC MC Modular and EPIC H-B Housings.

Circular connectors are single connectors for use on servo motors and servo harnessing. Available as couplers, these connectors can be used for simple cable to cable and cable to machine applications. Some circular connectors, such as the EPIC CIRCON LS1 Circular Connectors come with an integrated EMC screen termination.

Pin and Sleeve connectors are ideal for use in light industrial wiring applications.