Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables

Low smoke halogen free cables have increased in demand largely, as public safety has become a more prominent issue. Contractors have been advised to use materials which aren’t hazardous to health when burnt, mostly when installing cables in public areas and building. Low smoke halogen free cables are the ideal choice, as they reduce the amount of toxic gas emitted during combustion.

During a fire, the smoke is well known to be the biggest killer. Using non-hazardous materials helps reduce the risk if a fire happens.

Proper low smoke halogen free cables are usually referred to as Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables; there is often confusion between which cables are suitable and the safest to use. Many cables are referred to as “low fume”, but can often contain halogen, which when burnt releases hydrogen chloride. When hydrogen chloride comes into contact with water, it forms hydrochloric acid which is toxic to human skin.