Rubber Cables

Standard industrial rubber cables are ideal for outdoor use, in damp and wet conditions. Some can operate while submersed in water. A rubber cable needs to have a tough sheath capable of withstanding moderate use in mechanical environments under stress.

Different types of rubber cable are used in different applications, the H05RR-F cable is for lightweight hand and workshop tools, whereas some like the H07RN-F cable is more suited for high levels of stress in heavy duty equipment.

Examples of the rubber cable are the H05RR-F, a lightweight rubber sheathed cable, the NSSHOU cable; which is a mechanically robust rubber sheathed mining cable, and the H07ZZ-F cable; a Low Smoke Halogen Free cable.

Authorities are recommending the use of Halogen free cables throughout the world, as cables can produce hydrogen chloride gas if burnt that forms hydrochloric acid when in contact with water. As the rubber cable is used in many public areas and buildings there are certain safety requirements that installers must follow.