Solar Cables for Wind Turbines

Wind is caused as warm air rises and cooler air rushes in to replace it. It is the sun which heats the air, so many refer to wind energy as a form of solar power. It’s been well known for centuries that wind energy can be used to generate power.

A wind turbine harnesses the energy in the wind; small systems can be used to power electrical appliances and lights in a usual household. With a wind turbine, the larger the blades, the more energy generated. The blades are used to catch the wind, causing them to rotate and generate electricity. The more wind, the more electricity produced.

Groups of wind turbines are often build in locations with strong winds, such as out at sea or in valleys. These groups of turbines are known as wind farms, and are typically used for commercial production of electricity. This type of wind turbine is usually three bladed and has computer controlled motors which point them into the direction of the wind. These turbines can have tip speeds of over 200mph, high efficiency and low torque ripple, which contribute to reliability.

Commercial wind turbines are light grey in colour and blend in with the clouds. Their presence can sometimes upset local residents when built in the countryside.

The blades can range from 20 to over 40 meters in length, with the steel towers standing up to 90 meters high. It is possible to connect your own small wind system to the National Grid and sell any energy produced to an electrical supply company.

These large turbines require industrial cables, Lapp Group supplies many of these, including specialist Solar Cables.