LED Tube Lighting

There has been a rapid incline in LED tube lighting technology over the previous decade. There are now many products available that are cost effective, energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than regular incandescent or fluorescent lighting - they can use up to 95% less energy than an equivalent method of lighting.

The other main advantages of using LED lights include improved robustness, less heat loss, longer lifetime, faster switching and the versatility of their application. LED lighting often offers ideal replacements to less efficient, corresponding products.

Direct replacements are available for the standard T8 tube but with the added extras of offering longer life and lower maintenance. These will generally provide energy savings of around 75% in comparison with its counterpart. The use of this technology allows a fresh approach to conventional norms of lighting. It will be interesting to see how the future usage changes and develops.

The LED wall washer is also available. With great light progression due to the advanced LED technology – this is an ideal product to replace a standard electric wall washer to illuminate hotels, stages, buildings and artwork. It uniformed light distribution gives you natural and non-intrusive lighting at a fraction of the electricity cost.

It’s not very often that you get to call a ceiling panel stylish, but the architectural design on of an LED wall panel is a truly revolutionary product. It allows an optimal distribution of light and can offer you great lighting ambience. It creates light that results in an effective and attractive display, and will make your environment more comfortable. These are being used more and more by architects and in social housing for both aesthetic benefit and long term energy cost savings.

During the previous ten years, the application possibilities of LED’s have multiplied greatly. It is now a viable, reliable, safe, stylish and cost effective form of lighting, and as we look to a greener future, it is very likely that LED technology will continue to develop and will become a common fixture in both the home and in industry