Why are LED strip lights becoming so popular?

LED lighting has become an incredibly popular form of lighting, thanks to their characteristics that make them extremely durable, long lasting, bright and environmentally & economically friendly. This type of lighting used is considered to be rather expensive, but thanks to technological advancements, you can now pick them up relatively cheap, coming in a wide range perfect for many different applications.Here we offer some guidance on the fantastic LED strip lights.

As the name would suggest, these lighting products are basically a strip of led’s that are wired together with double sided tape on one side, which can be cut at intervals to solder your own wires on – meaning they are highly customisable. There are plenty of different types of LED’s used in the strip lighting, so make sure that you are getting something bright enough for your intended use. You should always remember that if you are hoping to have several metres of LED strip lighting, then you will be using a good amount of power (worth considering). Applications using strip lighting range from outdoor and indoor lighting, inside canopies, boat cabins, automobiles, headlights on vehicles, decorations and much more.

You can use led strip lighting for whatever you want, as they are so easy to customise. With just a bit of wire and some basic skill in soldering, you can literally use these great lights for anything you like. Some people use alligator clips to power the circuit on odd occasions, whereas others run them straight from a power source that leaves them permanently connected. You can even incorporate switches to turn the lights on and off when you please!

These lights look absolutely amazing when used in cool places, so check out the lighting range at LED illuminations for some great products. From strips, rope lights, ribbon lights reflectors and flood lights, to lamps, down lights and waterproof lighting, there is something for everyone!