H01N2-D cables and their uses

A H01N2-D cable is harmonized, flexible; rubber jacketed welding cable that is designed for the transmission of high currents. They are especially suited to transferring currents from electric welding machines to the tools that operate on a line and also with spot welding machine.

These types of cables are also highly suited to assembly lines and conveyor systems in the ship building, automobile and tool making industries. These cables are known to retain their flexibility even under the influence of ozone, light, oxygen, protective gases and oils. The robust jacket and construction aids in the resistance to both hot and cold temperate – as well as flames. They are considered suitable for outdoor use in dry and damp conditions. Common European designation is NSKFFOU.

The H01N2-D is works even in rough conditions, perfect for assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing and ship building. Some of the main properties of this type of cable include:

  • Application standard for H01N2-D ; HD 516/VDE 0298-300
  • Transmits high currents from the electric welding device to the welding tool
  • Use the welding cable only under consideration of HD 516/VDE 0298-300
  • Can be used in dry and damp conditions

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