The different types of PTFE Cables available for your applications

PTFE cables are known for their great insulation, high strength, fire resistance and durability and are in high demand in several industries for electrical wiring. Depending on the application, the different types of PTFE cable that is available for your applications are PTFE High Voltage Cables, PTFE Equipment Wires, PTFE Multicore Cables and a range of much more. These PTFE cables come in different thicknesses and capacities.

PTFE Equipment Cables: 

PTFE Equipment Cables are known for excellent electrical and mechanical properties. The PTFE Equipment Cables are heat resistant and can be used for a variety of wired applications, in a great range of temperatures (from 180°C and above, to 40°C and below. PTFE Equipment Cables are also the best in industries where chemical fluid and fumes are prevalent. The PTFE Equipment Cables come in a wide range of specification to choose from and can also be customized as per requirement when you use a firm like Lapp UK.

PTFE Multicore Cables:

PTFE Multicore Cables are essentially required in instrumentation of power projects and in the industrial segments such as steel plants, chemicals and fertilizers and the majority of PTFE Multicore cables come in shielded twisted cores and pairs. The shield on PTFE Multicore Cables prevents the electrostatic interference and keeps the outer electrical disturbances away, for a short distance that has low speed digital data transmission. These cables are used to connect the link between central instrumentation and diverse transducers.

PTFE High Voltage Cables: 

The PTFE High Voltage Cables are perfect for applications that require high voltage at high temperatures. Additionally, having stable dielectric properties that can be used up to 250°C, these types of cables are ideal for major electric wiring applications. The PTFE High Voltage Cables come in standardized and custom-made sizes from Lapp UK, having corona resistant features.

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