Cable Harness Systems and Manufacturers
Many industries are huge users of cable harness systems and products to ensure that their applications run appropriately. Industries such as aviation, automation, oil, food & beverage, robotics and renewable energy all rely heavily on many of the systems offered by cable manufacturers.

Cable harnessing are very effective at maximising space, while maintaining a great level of protection to the individual cables that are harnessed inside of the housing. In the case of aircraft, there can often be miles of cabling that must be organised inside of the plane, which would be an extremely confusing process without the use of cable harness systems and techniques.

Thanks to the ease of assembly, it is possible to manufacture bespoke cable assemblies for nearly any electrical application. They can come in different lengths, diameters, wire ranges, and in various different resistant materials. The range of outer sheaths can combat UV rays, oil, heat, fire, moisture and cold, meaning that the cable assembly can be used in a huge number of different environments.

Many different cable assemblies are made of 100% recyclable materials and can be environmentally friendly. On top of this, there a wide range choice of terminals and connectors that can be attached easily, making it great for the input and output of electrical current, data and control.

Cable harnesses can vary from application to application. This means there is a huge demand for both standardised, ‘out the box’ harness systems, as well as custom versions that are made by cable harness manufacturers. Wire assemblies are generally calculated or individually specified to applications electrical and geometric requirement. This is always done using advanced computer software that ensures perfect measurements and to reduce human error. Stringent and methodical control is kept over the process to ensure assemblies high quality where the individual wires are cut to specified requirements and bound together to produce the cable harness.

Each aspect of a cable harness is considered before the final product is constructed. The environment in which a cable harness system can be used can vary greatly, from some needing to work at cold and high altitude conditions, whereas other may have handle degradation caused by salt in the air, or UV rays from the sun.                           

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