Cable Harness Assebmlies play important roles across many industries

Cable harness assemblies are groups of wires that are bound up together to help increase organisation for use in applications. The number of wires found inside a cable harness will vary significantly, and are dependent on the type of application.

The technique is used by a huge amount of applications and establishments, commonly found in airplanes, cars, tube stations, modern shopping centres and much more. Cable harness assemblies are designed to suit a number of different environments and product applications, as certain applications may expose the cables to certain extreme environments.

Each specialist cable assemblies can be tailored to alter the material, size, weight and mass, with the outer jacket playing a huge role in the design. Cables can be optimised for high and low bending cycles, compressions, force and high traction for application in acids and other aggressive liquids.

Cable harness assemblies are heavily relied upon that maintains many of the industries that we use on a day to day basis. Without these, we would struggle and for example, the likes of an airplane or cat has to cater for many meters of cabling that make sure that it supports an application fully.

Without complex cable harness assemblies, we would be struggling to keep everything safe and organised – very unmanageable and unreliable. Thanks to companies such as Lapp, who specialise in cable solutions across the entire cabling industry, we are able to ensure that our applications and establishment employ the correct equipment to stay safe, reliable and efficient.

Lapp UK have over 40,000 products – and also offer custom design across a range of cables and products to suit your requirements.

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