Cable Assemblies and Contract Manufacturers

Cable Assemblies
Cable assemblies can be found throughout the technological world from house hold products to industrial equipment but their use in industrial technology is particularly important. Cable assemblies used for these purposes must be of the highest quality and created with the latest, cutting edge, tools. They must be as safe and efficient as possible as they are used in aircraft, aerospace, robotics, automation, agricultural machinery and much more. The testing and design processes on these cable assemblies are incredibly rigorous.

Cable assemblies are also known as cable harnesses and can be found in a huge variety of applications, in fact they are found everywhere where information or signals need to be transmitted. Cable assemblies are sets of wires supporting components such as retention systems, shielding and connectors.

Many manufacturers of industrial cable assemblies offer contact manufacturing services. This is an agreement where the original manufacturer contracts with another firm for the production of certain components.  This is useful for the parties involved as the builders of aircraft or farming equipment do not usually build their cable assemblies on site. This would be inefficient and not cost effective so they tend to outsource the construction of cable assemblies to cable specialists.

Specialists create a huge range of industrial cables specific to function. YY cables, solar cables, fibre optics, cable glands, cable assemblies and much more can be outsourced to cable specialists for use in industrial equipment.

Cable specialists give great value for money to other firms they work with as they provide a vast range and their services cover the design and the prototypes stage, right through to manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics support. Cable specialists design and manufacture the best quality cable assemblies and create custom cables for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.