Helium Leak Testing

Helium can be used to help find small leaks and sometimes larger leaks in applications as it is used as a tracer gas where concentration is measured.

Helium is in fact one of the smallest gas molecules and is inert, meaning it is relatively safe to use, as it will not react with any of the materials within the part that is being tested. In some helium leak testing applications, a mass spectrometer is tuned to detect helium – although it is possible to use a residual gas analyser.

Helium leak testing can be generally between one thousand and one million times more sensitive than using pressure decay techniques.


By using helium leak testing, you are able to find the smallest leaks a lot easier than with other test processes, using a temperature stable and dry technique – which will in turn ensure you have a longer product life.

When the correct equipment is used, leaks can be detected, logged and the mass spectrometer can be reset within 20 seconds. This accuracy and reliability is then passed on to the clients who can commission the plant, knowing that it is completely leak free.

The whole process requires complex equipment and personnel that are trained, knowledgeable and experienced to ensure that the entire process is undertaken accurately and safely.

Helium is a very rare gas in the atmosphere, making it the perfect gas to find leaks with. Buckley Industrial offer helium leak testing with different levels of purity up to 99.99999% pure Helium (N7.)), which is available depending on customer requirements.

Buckley Industrial will not only offer the helium leak testing service, but specializes in a range of services that help ensure that quality vessels are used in applications throughout a number of different industries. They also supply a range of products that can cater for your every need when it comes to your important application.

For more information on helium leak testing, visit: http://www.buckley-industrial.co.uk/services/inspection-and-testing/helium-leak-testing-services/