What are Cable Connectors?

Cable Connectors
An innovation which is vitally important for the inner workings of many different industrial working environments, cable connectors have been utilised for many different purposes thanks to their versatile nature.

To help you figure out if you may need these products for your business, we've compiled a short Q&A below for your interest.

Why do I need cable connectors?

As simple as it may sound to connect two cables together or to a port, it can often be a major misgiving that any product will do the job sufficiently. This simply is not the case because if you have a cumbersome means of connection (i.e. the wrong fitting entirely) then you’re less likely to achieve the practical results you need.

This is down to many reasons. If your processes lack fluidity, they will become much more stilted and therefore slower. Any sort of disruption in quality in your connections is likely to be a disruption in quality to your business’s manufacturing arm.

Where are cable connectors used?

In the automation realm, they're used to provide the smoothest and most responsive movement for the building of cars. Circular connectors are mainly used in this field as they offer lightweight yet robust solutions which allows for the finest movement, especially when it comes to usability of robotic arms which are constantly used for production.

The other form of connection comes from rectangular connectors. These are far more robust and are suitable across a range of different applications with its heavyweight properties lending itself kindly to longevity and durability. This makes them essential when it comes to dealing with electrical and mechanical characteristics.

What do they consist of?

When it comes to the build of connectors, there are many intricacies and utilities which need to be gauged.

For instance, a cable connector manufacturer will often consult with you based against your requirements. They will guide you through each different part of the connector and will provide any extra information on which particular component is suitable for differing applications.

Above are the three primary parts of a cable connector. With the help of your supplier, you can be guided step by step through each one.

Can I customise cable connectors?

The simple answer is yes! When you consult with experts of cable connections, they will be able to build a connector based against the guidelines you provide. If you have no real idea of what it is you need for a particular application, they can talk you through the main differences between a cable gland and a cable insert.

Additionally, any decent supplier will be able to provide thorough details of the build of your cable connector from initial concept drawings to 3D models.