Well Logging Plays Part in Oil Rush in North Dakota

North Dakota
A sleepy town in the United States of America has become embroiled in massive operations of well logging to unearth what’s believed to be huge deposits of crude oil in the area. Not too dissimilar to scenes from the Paul Thomas Anderson film There Will Be Blood, locals are clamouring to get in on the action with plenty of fierce competition.

The Great Western Plains of America had long been believed to be arid since the turn of the century with little to no precious minerals to be found in its vast expanse. However, in roughly 2005-2006, all kinds of discoveries were found to show that the land remains untapped and filled with potential.

The oil rush in the area is so immense that tens of thousands of people have packed up and moved to the region in the hope of claiming their own small fortune. The Bakken shale formation is the place believed to be the most rich rock formation in the state and there are some guesses by geologists that it may contain billions and billions of barrels worth of oil.

Already, the benefits are being felt throughout the region as there’s been an estimated $200 million gathered by the local government from the trend which will perhaps be put back into the community. Many people are also financially better off since the boom with the annual income being about $55000 per person.

Additionally, the population of Watford City in North Dakota has risen by 10000% since the big boom began, helping to place it on the map. All across the plains in the expanse of thewestern region of North Dakota, you will be able to see opportunities and progress in an area that was once lacking.

With the continued used of well logging and diligent mining, the north of Dakota should continue to be the capital of the United States for an oil boom.

"North Dakota" by www.flickr.com/photos/23165290@N00

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