How Hose Reels Can Aid Health and Safety

If you work in an industrial environment where there are potential hazards everywhere, one small step you can take to lower the risks is to invest in hose reels to keep your hoses in a contained space.

Studies show that 50% of all workplace injuries occur down to tripping or falling with many of them being attributed to either wet floors or outstretched items that can only be noticed when it’s too late. These are two difficulties that can often be posed when it comes to working with industrial hoses.

Luckily, a simple solution is at hand as with a high quality hose reel, you can store your hosing away in an easily identifiable location. This will help to store your hoses in one easy room (as an example) making it far easier for you to keep organised without a mass of hoses tangling around each other without reeling.

The forms that your hose reel can come in vary depending on the size of your hose and the size of your operations. Should you be working within a small, independent firm, you will more likely than not require a straightforward manual rewind hose reel. With a simple crank mechanism, you can optimise the length of hose you want to use for your process.

However, you should always in fact look to something like a spring retractable hose reel for your work as they are the most commonly used variety of reel and for good reason. Thanks to their adaptability when it comes to suitability for different hose lengths and straightforward mechanisms, they are typically the go-to for anyone who wants to keep their hoses secure and safe when not in use.

In addition, you can also look into procuring power rewind reels for yourself and your business. However, they are only really applicable for use in heavy duty processes as they excel within processes of motor functions and are built for extremely long hoses, like those you would come across on a building site.

For any further information, be sure to consult a premier supplier of hose reels like Buckley Industrial who can help you with any queries you may have.