Innovative Manufacturing Technology

Mona Precast Concrete Building Blocks
Mona Precast Concrete Block Manufacturers are not only experts in transforming precast concrete into a wide range of building blocks and products, they are also an innovative company that invest in creating modern manufacturing methods.

This local North Wales company stands out from other concrete block manufacturing specialists because they have taken a keen interest in developing methods to reduce their impact on the environment. To make a smaller carbon footprint, Mona Precast utilise over 70% recycled aggregates but they have also invested in creating a fantastic new piece of technology, which is their very own solar powered curing building.

This means that the company can create a wide range of concrete building products, which are cured using only the power of the sun. This significantly reduces the amount of CO2 created in the manufacture of their products.    

It is creative and dynamic business ideas such as this that have helped Mona Precast become so well known for a high standard of product. The business delivers their concrete building blocks, concrete lego blocks and concrete paviours across the UK with their very own transport fleet.

Mona Precast is a family run business that has a long history in the construction industry before they went into manufacturing concrete. This gives them a great insight into their clients and their industry enabling them to deliver the best product and customer service possible. Mona Precast have developed their very own, individual and unique ranges of concrete lego blocks known and Mona Mega Blocks, several ranges of paviours including MonaPave and an impressively comprehensive collection of architectural masonry and architectural blocks including split faced textured blocks, kerbing blocks and more.

Increasingly, construction companies must consider environmentally friendly methods in their projects. It is an expectation of consumers and often of the government that companies do all they can to limit their impact on the environment. That means it should make a big difference to construction companies and builder’s merchants who they buy from. Construction companies dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint should aim to utilise environmentally friendly methods at every stage in the creation of a structure and that includes the buildings products used. Choosing Mona Precast products ensures construction works are starting out with the right, high quality, environmentally friendly manufactured products for their project.