How to Save Money with LED Ribbon Tape

LED Mood Lighting
The average homeowner is familiar with the trusty light bulb; however did you know that investing in LED lighting can actually save you money?

LED lighting such as the highly popular LED ribbon tape product has the potential to benefit your home and your bank account.

The initial expense of switching to LED ribbon tape lighting is one of the main reasons why people are initially put off but you have to look at the wider picture. Amazingly, 90% of energy is given off as heat and wasted in normal light bulbs, as they do not heat up directly. Simply by switching to LED lights such as the LED ribbon tape or even more complex products such as LED ceiling panels or LED lamps, that are 80% more efficient and have a 100,000 hour life span you can reduce your energy usage and save money by simply not having to buy replacement light bulbs.

LED lighting is currently establishing itself as a big player in the residential and commercial lighting market thanks to global LED lighting distributors LED Illuminations and their LED ribbon tape. You can be guaranteed that as they become more popular and widely known initial set up costs will be reduced for home owners too.

How does LED lighting differ from your average Light bulb?

A light bulb uses an in-built filament wire which is heated up and has an electric current pass through it until it glows. An LED light uses a light emitting diode (LED) as the main source of light which doesn't have to be heated up. LED light users get all the light energy and efficiency by using less power than a light bulb user. LED lights last longer than their light bulb counterparts and even though LED lights are more expensive LED lighting offers value for money to customers. There are a huge variety of high quality light products and lighting options available from LED lamps, ropes and LED ribbon tape. You can tailor your power supplies and controllers to suit your own home or design project.

LED Ribbon tape is a firm favourite in many modern homes, retail and exhibition lighting because, in addition to saving you money like all LED lights, it is incredibly easy to install. With its versatile format your can stock LED ribbon tape practically anyway making it perfect for overhead lighting or accent lighting. 

LED Ribbon and Strips

LED ribbon tape and LED strip lights are an energy efficient, funky alternative to the more traditional looking LED lamps. LED ribbon tape gives it a unique flexibility and as it is physically a lot smaller than LED rope lights or LED panels it can be concealed under shelves and in cupboards to give an atmospheric effect.

The LED ribbon tape can also be waterproof which makes it ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom or even in your garden. If your project is a lot bigger than the size of the standard home a high performance LED ribbon tape can emit a massive 16.67 million different shades with a life expectancy of 100,000 hours. The application of strips and ribbons is very easy and safe as you simply back the tape and apply wherever you like. LED lights give a whole new definition to light quality, now that’s how you make a good impression!