The Advantage of Liquid Screed Flooring

Liquid Screed
Liquid screed is one of the concrete services Pump It Ltd offer and all for good reasons. Traditional sand cement has been the most popular option when it comes to flooring, but liquid screed provides several significant advantages.

Before laying your floor you need to consider how much foot traffic is likely, especially if it is within a commercial building where vast amounts of people pass through daily. Additionally, see if it needs to be waterproofed or stain resistant.

Liquid screed is designed specifically to provide you with a smooth, level surface before the application of the final finish. Whether it is in a residential or commercial environment, this option will leave you with a high quality and professional floor finish. It can be used bonded, unbonded or floated and also with underfloor heating.

Screed flooring is a big advantage when it comes to underfloor heating. The smaller depth compared to the traditional sand cement, means heat storage is reduced. This will ensure your floor responds quickly to your desired temperature requirements, which will increase the efficiency of your new heating system.

If your project is limited for time, then liquid screed is the right choice for you. It is ten times faster to install than traditional cement and there is far less labour. Additionally, it dries at an accelerated rate and is completely fine to walk on within the space of 48 hours. This is the ideal solution if you’re working on a commercial property.

Additionally, screed flooring provides longevity, prevention of ‘scarring’ on the flooring from movement of furniture and footmarks, but you can be rest assured that it is more robust and less mark-able ground.

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