Chester Catering Equipment

It is coming towards summer season and there are plenty of busy restaurants in Chester city that should be having their greatest foot fall at this time of year. Everyone would usually be out and about shopping, visiting tourist attractions and having nights out in the city with this fine weather.

It's important that catering businesses understand their options, so they can run smoothly when lock down in finally over, and a surge of people rush to get their favourite dinners.

The best restaurants need to keep on their toes. Those in the hospitality industry will know that customers always expect the best results from their dining experience so a piece of equipment breaking down in the height of the season is a disaster.

If you are with Mercury CE you can not only get the best catering equipment Chester around but you also can have access to 24/7 emergency servicing. That means if any of your equipment does go on the fritz, you know Mercury will be there to resolve it in a jiffy. Their highly trained Gas Safe engineers can repair all sorts of catering equipment from ranges, grills, commercial ovens and microwaves to commercial dish and glasswashers and more.

Mercury supply elite catering equipment across North Wales and Chester from industry leading manufactures like Blue Seal, Rational, Sammic and more.

If you work in Chester’s thriving hospitality industry there is a lot of competition, and you know your catering equipment has to be on top form to deliver optimum results for your food time and again. This is vital, not only for great tasting food, but for health and safety as well. Improperly cooked food can be very dangerous and broken equipment could result in a health risk to your guests.

Always be sure your catering equipment is up to scratch by using Mercury’s ongoing maintenance contracts. Your equipment will be regularly serviced and kept in the best working order so you can always trust your commercial catering equipment won’t let you down.