Coastal Defence Projects in the UK

coastal defence
Project work for defence contractors in the UK is increasing, with more and more coastal defence work taking place to protect local communities. A great amount of work has commenced during the first half of 2015, with many more projects planned to go underway later on in the year.

Next week coastal defence work will start along Llanddulas tip in North Wales. This is to repair and reinforce the damaged defences over the frontage, which stretches over 810m. The work will involve removing the protection system, a geotextile membrane will then be installed and the rock armour revetment will be re-graded and enlarged.

Defence contractors in the UK complete projects to the highest standard and efficiently, but no project is the same with regards to its set time frame. The work taking place in Llanddulas is expected to take two months to complete, whereas other projects on the go are expected to be completed in the very early new year of 2016.

Market leaders in the supply and placement of graded rock armour for defence projects are providing defence contractors with the opportunity to protect the local communities. If you live close by to the coastline in your area, your household is at higher risk during torrential weather.

Dramatic weather changes can have a very negative impact on the local area, affecting the day to day running of the local area. Footpaths and cycle paths are likely to be closed in the aftermath due to health and safety, roads which stretch along the coastline would also be closed, but also flooding often takes place after a drastic coastal event.  

Fortunately, there is a new national database that holds details of coastal flooding in the UK, which has built up over the last 100 years. This new database called SurgeWatch is set to help prevent coastal flooding by allowing sea defence contractors in the UK to access this useful tool.