The Importance of Road Haulage in the UK

Road Haulage
Road haulage in North West England and other parts of the UK is an essential enabler of economic growth, employment and wealth creation. The majority of everyday items we use; our necessities such as food, drink and clothing, depend on haulage services to deliver them to our nearest stores and outlets.

Road transport is highly competitive and it is a service-driven industry which responds to the fluctuating demands of customers. The industry develops as both regulations and road conditions change.

Road Haulage Associations represents the industry as clean, innovative, modern, and committed to safety, as well as an essential asset to the UK economy. The UK Government has provided a generous amount of funding for the haulage sector during the period 2015 – 2020. Funds of £500 million are set to support the development of diverse fuels and more efficient vehicles.

Additionally, the industry has a big interest in the condition of its roads and there are a number of other road factors that could benefit highly from further investment. Drivers of any vehicle use the roads to go to their place of work – factories, shops and office. The road network is where the haulage industry is at work. The conditions of the roads affect costs and the ability for staff to do their job efficiently.

Roads should remain well-built and maintained, with even surfaces to make driving safer but to also minimise road noise. The Road Haulage Association proposes the use of signalling technologies to improve traffic flow, as well as information technology to ensure road users have timely and reliable information.

Lastly, the latest trucks on sale meet Euro 6 emissions standards to help mitigate the impact HGVs have over air quality. The transport industry is becoming more advanced and vehicles are far more efficient with fuel and the pollution they produce, creating a cleaner industry than ever before.