Hygienic Cable Glands Are the Way Forward For the Food, Drinks & Packaging Industry

SKINTOP Cable Glands
The food and beverage industry has some very strict hygiene rules set in place and all for good reasons, but one simple way to ensure your equipment is abiding by these rules is to ensure you have the right cable connections.

Lapp has a wide selection of hygienic cable glands available to choose from, ensuring there is a product for you, your industry and industrial applications. One important feature to consider when either designing products for this industry, or selecting your desired product for use in it, is to have smooth, stainless steel surfaces.

Lapp Group’s SKINTOP Inox is a hygienic cable gland which fundamentally provides everything you need for the use in the food, drinks and packaging industry. Standard cable glands when expected closely have exposed threads, tiny openings and protruding surface features, making them less than ideal from a hygiene perspective.

The SKINTOP Inox is made from food-grade 316L stainless steel and features enclosed, sealed threads. Its exterior surfaces have no gaps or protruding features that can trap particulate or microbes. In addition, the number of tooling flats has been reduced to two, which blend seamlessly with the surrounding housing surfaces.  Lastly, these hygienic cable glands feature integral food-grade silicone O-rings for IP 68 protection at 5 bar.

Besides from their outward appearance and internal seals, the new hygienic glands meet the same high performance and ease-of-use standards as other SKINTOP products. This includes operating temperatures ranging from -30° to 100°c, a wide clamping range of 7 – 13mm with M20  x 1.5 threads and is compliant with ISO 14159 standards for machinery hygiene.

The very first model of this range was first introduced later last year, with alterations being made to create the ideal cable gland for use in one of the strictest industries for hygiene.

If you wish to find out more about this particular product, other available items which may be better suited to your industrial application or to contact Lapp directly regarding any other queries, please call 020 8758 7800 or send an email to: sales@lapplimited.com