4 Reasons to Choose a Cable Harness

Cable Harness Solutions
A cable harness, also known as cable assembly, is an assembly of cables which transmit signals or electrical power. The cable industry, particularly within the harness sector, has grown rapidly for the past five years and continues to grow further.

Increased achievements in technology have contributed to this growing success within the industry, with advanced industrial machines enabling full customisation of a cable harness. This ensures that the customer gets a fully customisable assembly of cables that meet their specific application requirements.

If this is not a good enough reason to assume a cable assembly is the right choice for your application, then here are four more reasons why you should select one.

They prevent disasters. The recent advancements in harness technology have largely been driven by the automation industry particularly. The largest portion of the harness market is dedicated to meeting the specifications of every type of vehicle currently being manufactured today. The length, fuse configuration and appropriate terminal end connectors are just a few of the things that need considering to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly.

Improved safety. The harness component of a cable harness is the mechanism that prevents loose cables and wires inside the vehicle from being damaged. All machinery has multiple wires inside it to connect power generating components to enable it to function properly. The harness is what bundles all these components together, protecting them from heat, vibration, stretching, abrasion and many other environmental conditions.

Quicker installation. The design of cable assemblies are constantly being refined in their design to ensure the installation and manufacturing process is efficient. Nowadays, rather than needing to install one cable at a time, a large number of wires can be installed quickly and easily using a pre-assembled harness.

Better performance. There are various types of harnesses you can select, which are tailored for your application: domestic household appliances to large industrial machinery. There are a number of standard cable harnesses used which span several industries. However, you can choose a custom harness to ensure you get exactly what you need. This ensures safety, improved performances and more reliability for the end product.

Cost effective. Although a custom cable harness can be costly, purchasing everything from one manufacturer can save you money in the long run. From the cables, components and the custom cable assembly service, all of this combined under one roof is better than having three separate suppliers.