Construction Projects in North Wales 2015

North Wales Prison
North Wales and the North West region have undergone some major work throughout the year of 2015, with a number of truly great projects under completion from civil engineering, defence and groundwork contractors.

North Wales Prison, Wrexham

Although an official name for the new ‘super’ prison has not been announced yet, the prison is already well underway towards completion for its deadline in 2017. Jennings Building & Civil Engineering Contractors have been involved in the construction of the prison from the get go, achieving a substructure contract for the groundwork contractors.

The prison is set to be the largest in the UK and second largest in Europe, whilst boosting the economy by creating 1,000 jobs. The prison site on Wrexham Industrial Estate has already pumped more than £19 million into the local economy.

The prison itself is being designed with a ‘rehabilitative culture’ at its heart, which ranges from specialist training of staff to education, employment and recreation. It is also known that half of all labour for the site will be recruited locally, together with 100 apprenticeships and 500 work placement days per year.

A key aspect of the operation of civil engineers and construction work is commercial finance Gwynedd which makes the acquisition, hire and financing of integral plant equipment accessible.

Tetney Sealine Replacement Project, Grimsby

Tetney Sealine transports Crude Oil via a monobuoy in the Humber Estuary. The oil is then pumped through the subsea pipeline to tank storage at Tetney oil terminal before being piped to the Humber refinery for processing. Refined products are exported by ship from Immingham dock and transported to inland customers by road, rail and pipeline.

The site is only accessible by boat, taking 25 minutes to transport plant and operatives of the project to the site on a daily basis. The Yorkshire Lady dive vessel transports 20 pieces of heavy plant to install the on shore section of the 1,200mm diameter, 4km long pipeline.

Aldi, Flintshire

Another Aldi foodstore has been underway throughout 2015 and is opening in Buckley, Flintshire. The super foodstore aims to open 65 stores per year, giving a total of 1000 by 2021. Aldi are currently the 6th largest food retailer in the UK, with realistic ambitions of increasing their UK market share.

There have been a number of great projects, with more on their way to the North Wales & North West region.