The Benefits of Wind Turbines

Wind Energy
Did you know that the UK home turbines could be taking advantage of the 40% of wind energy that’s available in the whole of Europe? Now you do! Using home turbines could help to save more money and generate electricity from a renewable energy source, which the UK has a lot of.

There are many additional benefits to wind power on top of doing your little bit for the environment. Below we have listed a number of advantages for you to consider:

-          It provides a free energy source, with plenty throughout the UK to go around.

-          You will reduce your Carbon Footprint, as this type of renewable energy will not release any harmful carbon dioxide.

-          High electricity bills will be a thing of the pass, as once you have installed your turbine the electricity that comes from it is completely free!

-          Store generated electricity in batteries in preparation for a day when there is no wind.

-          Make additional income by selling the electricity you do not use to the National Grid to help others.

There are a great number of positive attributes regarding turbines, but getting one for your home may appear absurd to some. The two most frequently used methods used to harness renewable energy today are solar panels and wind turbines. Wind farms appear in coastal and other open spaces where there isn’t an abundance of trees or buildings to absorb the wind, before it hits the turbine.

Let’s rewind and explain what a wind turbine is. A wind turbine is effectively a windmill-style device that converts the kinetic energy that comes from the wind, into usable mechanical energy. You may hear or read them being described as ‘wind chargers’ or ‘wind generators’.  They have developed greatly over the years, but the ones you see today can also be seen with both horizontal and vertical axis.

Some new built housing estates now come complete with a wind farm in order to provide every home on the estate with a renewable energy source. Some houses will continue to vary to another and will also include other energy sources such as solar panels.

Although a great energy source and cost-effective solution to generating electricity for your home, many will argue the point they are not an attractive device to have in view of your home. Pretty or not however, wind turbines are doing a vital job and should not be opposed by anyone with a conscience. 

Photo by 'Jondaar_1' / License