Understanding Seismic Inversion Technology

Seismic Inversion software
In the world of geophysics Seismic Inversion gathers information on the geology of an oil or gas field. Seismic Inversion transforms seismic reflection data into a quantitative rock-property description of a reservoir.

Seismic Reflection is a method of exploration geophysics used by petroleum geologists to estimate properties in the Earth’s subsurface from reflected seismic waves. 

A Seismic Inversion survey of a gas or oil field will have recorded sound waves which have travelled through layers of rock and fluid which exist under our earth. Once the frequency and amplitude of the waves has been estimated seismic inversion offers a more accurate and detailed view of the subsurface and more reliable data than interpretation without inversion.

Although there are different techniques that can be used in seismic inversion these can be understood in categories of pre-stack or post-stack and seismic resolution or well-log resolution. The technique utilised will be dependent upon your objective.

Equipoise Software are specialists in seismic inversion software for the oil and gas industry and they have developed a sophisticated Seismic Inversion plug-in for use with Petrel and Kingdom Software. It is called Inseis and branded as Kingdom Seismic Inversion software when used in the HIS Kingdom software. This software utilises the coloured inversion and simulated annealing inversion techniques. These are regarded as very high quality methods for seismic inversion because they are fast while remaining highly reliable for determining relative impedance and absolute acoustic impedance from seismic data.

Both methods used in this software, coloured inversion and simulated annealing inversion, will attempt to turn seismic signals into an acoustic impedance layer model.

The Software has many excellent features to make it easy to get the data you need such as -
•    Supporting single and multi-well analysis
•    Automatic seismic to well phase correction
•    Quality control at each stage of inversion operation
•    Sonic log to time-depth curve and check shot calibration
•    Highly customizable, user friendly interface
•    Simple data requirements
•    Fully integrated with Petrel/Kingdom

As well as being fast and reliable Inseis has many advantages over other software. Like all seismic inversion surveys it will enhance your seismic data making it much easier to interpret. Of course we all know seismic inversion is essential to increasing the accuracy of your data and Inseis will match seismic data to well log data. This will produce a clearer picture with less noise and less signal instability.

Another benefit is that neither wavelet nor low frequency macro-model is required when using Inseis. It is highly user friendly, simple, straight forward and all interpreters will find it simple to set up and use. The software is perfect as a ‘quick view’ inversion tool prior to more in-depth studies.
If you would like to find out more about Inseis contact Equipoise Software on 020 8256 1150 or email support@equipoisesoftware.com.