Welsh construction industry is the backbone of economy

The Chief Executive of Construction Excellence in Wales has said that construction is the backbone of the Welsh economy and is detrimental to the well-being of transport infrastructure that is used every day, as well as supporting welsh schools, hospitals and office buildings.

The public sector is currently the biggest client for the Welsh Construction supply chain, of which Construction excellence Wales helps to deliver the quality buildings and facilities that is needed. 

Through education, campaigning and encouraging everyone involved with Welsh construction to deliver buildings and facilities we all want, quality construction will be able to deliver. The Chief Executive said “Quality construction cannot be delivered in isolation by pursuing the lowest cost or exclusively though client and supplier relationship”.

The organisation is working together to encourage more focus on collaborative procurement models that allow experts to guide projects to finish on time, in budget and hit the outlined targets of waste, low carbon and the local community.

Welsh construction on the whole in this respect is improving, generating jobs and allowing organisations to make investments needed in skills, materials and capital equipment.  The Wales based construction groundwork contractors are co-operating to ensure that high standards and the source of local labour and material is used where possible, energising the local workers.

Wales has enjoyed recent large scale construction projects, many of which that have been undertaken by Welsh firms. The likes of the North Wales prison, which is a £212 million project that is being built on a former factory site in Wrexham – on an industrial estate that sees North Wales based company Jennings groundwork contractors heavily involved with the work.

The North Wales prison will be providing approximately 2,100 Category C places for male offenders from North Wales and North West England, with estimation opening date being in February 2017. The sheer size of this project means that it’s expected to be able to fit seven Millennium stadiums inside of it – a total of over 120 acres.

This construction project has created many jobs, through construction requirements and an initial 80 people being taken on to work at the prison. The coming years should see this number increase, going to show just how important a strong welsh construction industry really is, as well as the role of ground contractors.