LED Strip Light Applications

LED Strip Light Applications in Trendy Bar
LED strip lights are one of the most popular LED products on the market. The highest quality LED strip lights produce incredible results and are perfect for a wide variety of industries.

There is actually a very big range of LED strip light products available and all produce different results, depending on what effect you are seeking. If you are unsure which product is right for you don’t be shy to ask for expert advice so you can make the right decision.

LED Illuminations are a renowned LED lighting distributor. They are based right here in North Wales but distribute lighting solutions for major projects and companies all around the world.

They have LED strip lights which are ideal for residential lighting. You can use their waterproof LED strip light under your wall cabinets in the kitchen, which will give you excellent task lighting as well as mood lighting when dimmed. This LED strip light will also work well in the bathroom or you might prefer lighting in the bedroom with a high performance LED strip light behind your headboard or as a feature or inside your wardrobe.

LED Strip lights are also useful in exhibition stands. LED illuminations’ Digital LED strip light allows you to create many effects, including chasing, which can be used to direct potential customers onto your stand.

LED Illuminations’ Strip lights are also popular with hotels, restaurants and pubs and they already supply a national chain of pubs with their waterproof LED strip lighting to light the fascia of their buildings.

Naturally one of the best industries for LED lighting is retail. You can display your company colours with RGB colour change LED strip light, which offer 16.7 million different shades! Try concealing the light in a suspended ceiling giving an eye catching feature.

This is just a handful of the industries benefitting from LED strip lights. For more detailed information click here to head to LED Illuminations