Smart Lighting Is The Future

Smart lighting is a term on most industry leaders lips right now, in a variety of specialisations. Electrical retailers, architects, designers, contractors and electricians, to name a few, are currently investing a lot of consideration into smart lighting, and they all agree on a simple thing. That LED Lighting, be it concealed LED rope lighting, or otherwise is the future, with absolutely no place left for traditional incandescent lighting and the half measure of halcyon bulbs in residential or commercial property.

It’s quite easy to see why. Key benefits to using LED lighting over incandescent and halcyon bulbs is that they produce far less heat, less carbon emissions, and last far longer. Light manufacturers have thrown their considerable weight toward the new trend for smart lighting, and as result - all smart lights use LEDs. Smart Lighting can set mood lighting for different rooms in your house, be controlled from afar or programmed to turn on and off at key times from your smartphone or tablet, and can even function as alarms, carefully and gently waking you up in the morning.

The practical uses of this technology are myriad and boundless – from recent studies indicating that mood lighting can vastly increase the quality of life of dementia sufferers, to modern agriculture embracing LED technology to provide bigger, better harvests without resorting to genetic modification, something which frightens consumers even today.

But what about you?

For home use, LED Lighting still has to shake off its reputation of providing glaring, obtrusive light. Yet advances within the last 10 years have meant that clinical lighting is no longer part and parcel of LED technology. Colour temperatures and brightness have come on significantly, with a wide range of colours and temperatures, to make stark, bland lighting a thing of the past. Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin, where 2700 – 3000k is a warm white, higher values look cooler and lower values warmer. Brightness is measured in lumens, and your current bulb’s brightness can be easily matched or exceeded, should you prefer.

With a little exploration of possibility, some of your own creativity and the assistance of a team of specialist lighting technicians to assist with blending LED lighting into your home and lifestyle, you can make the dingiest of rooms glowing and stellar.