3 Reasons Why You Should Move to LED

Most homeowners and those looking to make their first steps into purchasing or renting one are of a breed which have grown up with technology. While indeed we remember fondly the sound of dial-up internet, we still furrow our brows at people saying that the radio was better than television. What’s with that? It’s a silly sentiment, that something that is far less of something than the modern equivalent is just… better without giving any good reason. We can concede that 56k internet was trash. Today’s wireless fibre-optic beats the pants off it,  but have you considered it’s the same for lighting? Lighting is lighting, you say? Wrong. There’s a vast variety of LED strips and LED Rope Lighting that decimates the dull yellow glow of a lightbulb, so what are you waiting for? Here’s our top reasons to make the switch.

Energy and Time Savings
Fun fact: LED Lighting runs far cooler than both fluorescent and normal light bulbs. While you might think that running cooler only benefits the odd moth that gets too close every now and again, that’s really not the case. Running cooler means that less energy is wasted and converted into heat, (Remember GCSE Science?) and less energy is required. Which directly equates to much less money being demanded by your supplier every month. A LED Light Bulb lasts between 25,000 and 100,000 hours, with advances being made all the time. In 2016, the very least you can expect from a bulb is 11 years. “But they’re expensive to buy!” might moan your dad, while he’s screwing in a lightbulb or 10 around the house. Yes. But 11 years. The savings overall are absolutely astronomical.

It’s Good For the Planet
Maybe the older generation are starting to get the fact that we all have to do our bit for the world, but they’re being pretty slow about it. Say what you want about Baby Boomers, but they’ve never been born in a time where they’ve not had everything perfect. On top of lower energy consumption, LED Lighting boasts a (much) lower C02 emission rate, have absolutely no toxic chemicals that’ll leak out when they’re eventually trashed, and are fully and completely recyclable. While the older generation might sneer, the planet’s hardly going to start healing itself if we’re still dumping all kinds of icky things in landfill.

It’s just Easier
LED bulbs no longer come in silly sizes where you have to pay someone to fit it as well as the price of the product. While your dad’s memories of LEDs were just that, it’s not the case, not any more. What’s also new is that there’s a series of colour options, and cool little things such as light temperature in LED products, as well as absolutely no dingy (and quite dangerous, actually) dim glows as you wait for the thing to get warm.
LED Lighting is certainly the future, and the future’s come. There’s a slew of retailers out there, all fully capable of  giving your home the glow it’s always deserved.