Avoiding LED Failure

While LED Lighting is a wonderful way to reduce your energy bills, we have heard cases of rogue suppliers and manufacturers with poor quality control ruining the industry’s good name. Sadly, it stands to sense that whenever something new and truly amazing comes along, lots of people and companies want to get on the bandwagon to make a quick buck, and in the case of poor manufacturing, can really harm a customer’s confidence in the product in general. There are a number of reputable suppliers of both LED Strip Lighting and LED Rope Lighting, which sell quality products at affordable prices.

There are three points you need to consider when buying LED Lighting:

1-     Sources are very important. The LED Lighting industry is under a period of some very significant growth, and while prices indeed are coming down, buying based on price can be precarious. While indeed it’s a very good question of “Why should I buy this tube for £20 when I’ve seen it for £9?” most failures are the result of poor manufacturing. Choose reputable suppliers, and established names, and you likely won’t go far wrong. Remember, paying £20 for a product from a British supplier is a million times better than buying a dud for £9 and not knowing how to get a refund.

2-      Ask for your product to be tested. Most manufacturers, to ensure quality, place batches of LED Lamps and fixtures into specially designed “hot rooms” and leave them on for up to 10 days at a time. If a fault exists within the way that the product has been assembled, a hot room will ensure that the product will fail, before it reaches you. Consult with your supplier about the quality tests your product has gone through. They’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

3-      Look up the registration number. Here’s a question for you. Would you buy an Apple computer from a different manufacturer such as Toshiba, HP, or Dell because it has an Apple logo and a pricetag that’s £500 lower? Hopefully you wouldn’t. While Toshiba, HP, and Dell have their own range of products and certainly wouldn’t do anything as shady as copy another companies’ branding, certifications and registrations, there are companies out there that do- especially with what’s big and new. There’s an online directory in order to allow consumers to shop with confidence and be certain that they’re not purchasing fakes. Remember: Fakes do not come with warranties.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have confidence that your investment’s a good one, and you’ll be protected against lamp failure – and get all of your projected savings, and then some.