It's Never Been Easier To Go LED

We’ve heard for years and years, that despite it’s high startup price LED lighting is indeed the future, and offers dramatic and gigantic savings for all types of consumer – whether they’re looking to retrofit a small domestic environment with LED Strip Lighting , or whether they’re looking to outfit a far more commercial type of establishment with LED Rope Lighting, they stand to save a lot of money by retrofitting their existing systems to LED Lights.

So here are our Top Tips for LED Retrofit Installations. Please keep in mind that although it is theoretically possible, even easy, to fit LED Lighting yourself, you should always consult a professional if you’re unsure of anything you’re doing. Most light providers offer full support along the way, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in order to get your fit right, first time.
LEDs vary from fluorescent light fixtures by the virtue that they don’t require separate ballasts.

LEDs are clever little diodes that make use of internal drivers. For your retrofit, upgrades can be done in varying ways, depending on what you presently have installed. Mostly, lighting fixtures can be adjusted and upgraded by simply swapping out the bulbs – and fluorescent tubes with LED tubes while also removing the ballast and fluorescent light holders.

Many LED replacements have a “plug-and-play” option that is as simple as it says. Simply screw in your new bulb, and you’re done. The other option is a retrofit kit, which mounts directly into your existing luminaire housing.

If you’re working with something of a particular age, you’ll most likely want to consider replacing the entire old fixture. Likewise, this may be the only option if your existing lighting fixture is completely enclosed – as LED Lighting should not be used in tightly enclosed spaces unless pre-approved. Please keep in mind that a LED Light which is not specifically designed to be held in enclosed housing may struggle with dissipating heat from it’s sink, which leads to premature lamp failure.

If in doubt, consult a professional. But for what it’s worth, most fixtures are easy to upgrade, and will offer you the full deal; reduced replacement time directly equating far less cost, decreased cooling load, and 50% ~ 90% savings on your energy bills, depending of course how inefficient your present system is.

Now’s the time to go LED – and it’s easy!