Making The Most Out of Your Data With Velit

Velit is an amazing tool for Depth Conversion and Velocity Modelling, with a host of easy-to-use functions such as the Velit Wizard which can increase your productivity via enabling you to use a wide-ranging number of features in order to interrogate your data in multiple ways, and put it to task to truly work for you – enhancing your operational efficiency, and your effective capability in producing an excellent best case technical model of the earth below.

Velit’s analytics is truly leagues above other software offerings in the industry, and offers myriad ways to get the most out of your data. Whether or not it’s incorporation of cross-plots, histograms,  or numerical optimisation, interrogating the well and processing velocities can be done manually, or by utilising predefined workflows to be ultimately user-friendly.

You might be starting to suspect that there are limited options within Velit, that the program forces you into a one-size fits all approach to your data. However, we’re pleased to say that is not the case – and there are also a wealth of differing methods for analysing your well velocity data.

Furthermore, the act of seeing, not just reading, your data from differing angles will allow you to get a better understanding of the way forward by building your best case velocity model, by allowing you to get a far better understanding of the velocities you are working with.

Velit’s inbuilt and extremely comprehensive Numerical Optimisation determines the best parameters for velocity function, with both linear and non-linear functions supported. Whether or not your data is well, seismic velocity and apparent internal velocity, your data’s value is increased dramatically by Velit’s robust numerical optimisation, and your models can truly be better.

Essentially, Velit is industry standard for a reason. All-in-all, it’s an extremely robust, comprehensive program which offers geologists and geoscientists a viable, excellent way to put their data to work in ways that are not overcomplicated and designed for the user in mind.

Equipoise Software, the London-based company which are the creators of Velit, have produced an excellent program which can truly enable superior workflow and better method. Their close link with ERC Equipoise has given them truly unique access to expertise and global project experience, and they’ve created a program that can give your team the benefit of this insight.