Things You Need to Know About Taking Your MOT

Getting an MOT done on your car can be inconvenient, but it’s a necessity in making sure you and your family are safe whilst travelling in your vehicle. However, there’s a few things you should know about making your MOT a swift experience so that you're back on the road in no time all, thanks to MOT testing, Llandudno

Find a Garage that’s open 6 days a week (or offer a courtesy car)
There’s nothing more disruptive to your busy schedule than taking your car in for an MOT only to find out it needs more work but the garage is closed over the weekend! You need reassurance that the work can be done as quickly as possible, so always go for a garage that are willing to put the hours in. If you can take your car to a garage that can offer a courtesy car whilst your car is being tested then this can be a huge bonus to you and your family.

There are garages out there that will go above and beyond, offer up a friendly face who is willing to explain exactly what you need and why. Ask around and find out what kind of service your friends and family received.

Can I take my MOT earlier?
You can take your MOT test at any time. However if it’s more than a month before it expires, your new certificate will be valid from your new testing date. This makes testing convenient if you’re thinking of taking a trip away or are moving home.
Some might consider testing earlier so they can drive if necessary after the test even if it fails. However, if your car needs work to make it safe and you continue to drive it, you could earn points on your licence as well endanger the safety of others. It is always advised to have the necessary work done immediately, if possible.

How long does an MOT take?
An MOT test typically takes around 45 minutes. After your test has been completed, you will receive a certificate letting you know what work needs to be done now or done soon. You can wait for the MOT to be completed. If additional work needs to done, this may take longer, so it might be a good idea to make plans for the day using local transport links. Some garages offer a drop off service, so if you pass, you can even have your car back in your drive the same day.

Will I have to pay again if I fail my MOT?
You can be charged for a partial retest within 10 days of the original, however some garages will offer this free of charge. It’s important that you check this before you book with your chosen garage to avoid any unnecessary expense.