A staggering 12% of construction firms within the United Kingdom are using drone technology in order to better view assets, quantify sites, aiding with capturing images for inspections and utilisation within 3D modelling – not to mention other means of simplifying the building process.

According to recent research conducted in September 2016 by drone manufacturer and supplier dronesdirect.co.uk. Staggeringly, that means that half a million people are using drones for commercial purpose, and construction firms are leading the way among this rather large amount of companies.

North Wales civil engineering firm Brenig Construction are just one of these firms utilising drones in their work, and as the UK’s industry sectors, they’ve always been ahead of the game in making changes within an industry which has been called rather slow to adapt change. It seems, certainly from Brenig Construction's portfolio, that they're the exception to the rule. 

The firm themselves have worked on a number of projects in varying sectors – be said projects related to the private or the public sector. A company that takes on jobs within rural or urban settings, including new builds and regeneration projects, with excellent experience within transport and utility infrastructure, earthworks, landscaping and marine developments, they certainly can’t be accused of staying blind to the industry’s changing nature.

Brenig Construction in addition are fully trained within modern industry practise, and also sustainable development, with particular attention paid to BREEAM and of course CEEQUAL standards. Brenig Construction’s own philosophy means that they strive to use renewable and/or recycled materials, develop carbon neutral operations, with an eye on reducing and eliminating waste product at every stage of the construction process.

And, it seems to have paid off for them. Brenig Construction have been selected to work in sensitive locations, including designated areas of conservation, national parks and sites of special scientific interest. All in all, with an eye toward useful technologies, as well as providing a more sustainable approach for building - Brenig Construction within North Wales seem to be what other construction companies should base themselves on.