How to Save Money on Your MOT

One of the best ways you can save money on your MOT is by carrying out the basic checks for your vehicle yourself.  Identifying mechanical problems before you go for your MOT can save you not only money but the time of repair. Below are some ways you can prepare for your next visit to an MOT Garage Conwy.

Not checking your lights is the easiest way to fail your MOT, but the simplest thing to correct. To be precise, approximately 30% of all MOT problems are because of faulty lighting and signalling. Before you take your MOT, check that the all the lights are working correctly. Reverse close to a wall and you should see the reflection of your break lights in your rearview mirror.

Your wheels and tyres play a big part in the safety of your vehicle and these and as a result will cause you an immediate fail if they aren’t up to standard. The minimum legal tread for your tyres is 1.6mm and any lower than this could cause you a fine and points on your licence should you get stopped by the police. Check for tears or scrapes in the tyre wall and if your see acny, it gives you the opportunity to find a part worn tyre specialist.

Broken mirrors and can easily be fixed at home but could easily cause you a fail if they are in poor condition. You can purchase them yourself from your local car accessories supplier, specific to your car model. Just like your mirrors, your number plate should be good condition and easily readable.

Finally, ensure that your wipers are leaving your windscreen nice and clear without streaks to obstruct your view. Of course, the one way they will test this is by using your washer fluid so be sure to check that it’s filled up along with your oil and power steering fluid.  Maintaining these fluids and keeping a clean car shows that you look after your vehicle and gives your mechanic confidence in your ability to stay on top your vehicle's maintenance.