Coloured Inversion With InSeis

For all users of Petrel or IHS Kingdom Seismic and Geological Interpretation Software, there’s always been a rather big question. When it comes to Seismic Inversion, there’s many ways in order to work your original reflectivity data from an interface property to a rock property (impedance – sonic velocity and bulk density multiplied.)

Structural interpretation of course relies very much of this data, as of course an inverted dataset your values are describing internal rock property – with different values indicating what exactly is beneath via lithology type, porosity or even fluid type within the rocks. When it comes to vital stratigraphic interpretation and reservoir characterisation, velocity modelling is absolutely needed even if it’s garnered itself for being frustrating.

It isn’t as if velocity modelling is difficult, just arduous. By its nature it is a very simple process compared to everything else – but annoyingly slow to complete and far less accurate than most.
It’s generally considered that coloured inversion is the global standard of velocity modelling – and it doesn’t have to be taxing should you have the right tools. London based Equipoise Software’s InSeis, for example. This handy little tool can be added on to either Petrel or IHS Kingdom Seismic and Geological Interpretation Software, which will give you more accurate results, and a much faster workflow.

Faster Results, and Accuracy
InSeis is a pretty special little tool, which is lightweight enough to not be detrimental to the time velocity modelling takes, but interesting via the fact that it’s packed full of features to make you work faster, but in a better way that will give you more accuracy overall. A fun little feature with InSeis, compared to it’s competitors, is the amount of development that’s gone into it and just who it’s from. InSeis is the product of Equipoise Software, and has been created partially through their partnership with ERCE, who are the United Kingdom’s leading employee-owned Oil and Gas Reservoir Evaluation firm.

Having access to all of ERCEs data throughout the years has inspired Equipoise Software to create Velit and InSeis, two add ons that have the power and the functionality of full programs in their own right. These little tools are absolutely invaluable to firms that want to work smarter, not harder with their data.